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Lifting platform

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Lifting platform

Working height
Working load
Product characteristics
First, product introduction
The three-dimensional lifting platform has the functions of safety, reliability, convenient operation, low noise, etc. During the painting operation, it can be arbitrarily moved longitudinally, horizontally and vertically, and up and down. All operating switches are located on the mobile workbench for easy operation.
The three-dimensional lifting platform workbench has three directions of movement, the first is the horizontal horizontal movement along the ground track, the second is the up and down movement along the double column, and the third is the horizontal horizontal telescopic movement perpendicular to the column, thereby realizing three-dimensional Action requirements.
The safety protection devices installed on the three-dimensional lifting platform include: anti-drop device; rise and fall limit protection device; workbench railing protection, three-direction action electrical interlock protection, etc., to ensure the safety of the operator before the accident occurs.
The three-dimensional lifting platform is widely used in the automotive industry, machinery processing industry, military industry, railway locomotives, research institutes, technical schools, furniture industry, automobile 4s shop and other industries.
Second, the method of use
The three-dimensional lifting platform (hereinafter referred to as the platform) has been inspected and debugged before delivery, and all technical indicators have met the design requirements.
The platform should be carefully inspected before use, and it can be used without any exposure.
The platform can be loaded after 1-3 times of empty operation.
The center of gravity of the load should be as close as possible to the center of the work surface.
The protective railing movable door should be locked to work.
The platform has buttons for ascending, descending, advancing, retreating, extending, and retracting, and the corresponding operation button can be selected.
Third, matters needing attention
Use the unit to specify the person to operate.
When the platform is in use, the work surface should be level.
It is strictly forbidden to enter the platform when the platform is in the raised state or stops at the high position.
During the lifting process, all personnel are strictly prohibited from climbing.
When the platform has a large fault, it should be reported to the manufacturer for repair and elimination.
Overloading operations are strictly prohibited during the use of the platform. The personnel and articles contained should be safely placed on the workbench and must not be moved during the movement.
When the platform fails, cut off the power supply for maintenance.
After one week of continuous use of the platform, check the lubrication of each drive and add butter. If it is used frequently, it must be added once a week.
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