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Lifting platform

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Lifting platform

Working height
Working load
Product characteristics
The manual hydraulic platform truck is a small lifting machine, which is mainly used for small-scale lifting, item extraction and placement, and also for carrying small valuables. The appearance of the product is beautiful, the structure is firm, stable, safe and reliable, and the internal performance and service life have reached the advanced level of the same equipment. At present, the mainstream of the market is hydraulic drive lifting. Due to its compact size, it is easy to move and is widely used in logistics and warehouse management, libraries, supermarkets, and general small equipment manufacturing. The manual hydraulic platform truck is made of high-strength steel. The design structure is reasonable, safe, stable and reliable. The built-in safety valve, fully sealed oil cylinder, manual control hydraulic system lifting, easy and simple operation.
It can bear 350KG and the lifting height can reach 1300MM. This car is the latest product of the company.
Simple operation, light and dexterous, safe and reliable. There is an overload protection device to prevent malfunction caused by overload. It can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. It is the first choice for major supermarkets, hypermarkets and logistics and warehousing companies.
Detailed technical parameters:
Rated load: 350kg
Platform height: 1300mm
Platform minimum height: 350mm
Work surface size: 910 × 500mm
Handle height from the ground: 970mm
Number of pedals for lifting heavy objects: ≤60
Wheel diameter: 127mm
Single package size: 1010 × 530 × 390mm
Weight: 110kg
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