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Parking Garage

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New three-dimensional parking garage: simple three-dimensional parking lift parking lift TPP106 1. Each group can be designed from three to ten consecutive, that is, each group can be designed from 5 parking spaces to 19 parking spaces. 2. The platform plate of the upper parking space is lifted and lowered, and the platform plate can be lowered to the ground floor when entering and leaving the vehicle. 3. The platform plates of the lower (ground floor) parking spaces are only used for lateral movement, but each group must have a horizontal vacancy to facilitate the lowering of the upper parking spaces. 4. The front of the equipment must be a driveway, and the driver drives the vehicle from the driveway into the deck. Model Description 1. This model is all steel structural components. 2. Suitable for design in basement or basement parking, but the basement has a net height of more than 3.6 meters. 3. The upper deck is driven by the hydraulic cylinder at the rear of the unit. There are no pillars and suspension chains at the front and the entrance of the equipment, which is more convenient for vehicles to enter and exit. 4. Fully automatic P.L.C control, easy to operate, just press the parking space number, the car platform will automatically lead to the ground floor, the driver will drive the vehicle into the car platform, the personnel can leave.

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