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Steel mill rolling mill

Working height
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Product characteristics
Title of the invention: Rolling mill roll changer
Inventor: Luo Dianhua
Invention patent number: ZL 2009 1 0266675.X
Utility model patent number: ZL 2009 2 0215044.0
Patent application date: December 31, 2009
Patentee: Jinan Huabei Lifting Platform Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
The invention discloses a rolling mill for rolling mill, comprising: a chassis comprising a brake system arranged on the frame, suitable for driving on a working platform of the rolling mill; a platform is arranged above the frame; Above the frame and connected to the platform for lifting or lowering the platform along the Y-axis; the feed platform device is disposed above the frame and connected to the platform for moving the platform along the Z-axis; a walking track, along The X-axis direction is disposed above the platform; and a roll connecting mechanism includes a base and a roll connecting head fixed on the base, the base is controlled by the driving mechanism to be movable along the traveling track, and the roll connecting head is controlled by the rotating mechanism to drive the roll The axis is rotated 360°. The invention can automatically align the roll and the rolling mill from various aspects, saves time and labor, is convenient to operate and use, and does not need manual replacement of the roll, and is safe and reliable.
Rolling mill roll changer is an important operation equipment in the domestic smelting industry for decades and even decades, and it is also the main direction for the development of hydraulic machinery industry to integration and automation. The use of this product has the following significant advantages:
(1) High efficiency: In general, the use of mechanical work saves time and effort compared to manual work, and the weight of the machine can increase the weight of the heavy object is much larger than the weight of the manual handling object.
(2) Low requirements on the working environment: The car is small in size and flexible in movement. It uses DC series excitation batteries to provide driving power, especially when the working space in the workshop is relatively small, it can show its superior working ability.
(3) It is easy to use and easy to operate. All the vehicles in the car adopt the hydraulic mode, and all agencies have obvious signs.
(4) Effectively reduce the occurrence of employee safety accidents in the workshop.
Lifting platform devices, propulsion devices, hydraulic mechanisms and rotating mechanisms all use a series of original technologies, such as the use of DC series excitation 60V, 1.5KW battery on the self-propelled chassis, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In the mechanism, the roller rotation adopts Italian imported hydraulic motor for precise control, the rotation speed is adjustable, and it can rotate 360° left and right. The structure is compact, the sound is small, the service life is long, no leakage, easy to use and simple to operate. On the propulsion retracting device, the roller is propelled and retracted by the Italian imported hydraulic motor control. The precision is high. The motor is used to drive the gear to rotate. The gear bites the rack to advance and retract. The speed is adjustable, stable and easy to use. The platform has the function of moving left and right and the roll head. The left and right sides of the platform are realized by two-way hydraulic cylinders. It is used to align the mill bore. When the platform truck and the mill hole are not in a straight line, the swing dial is used to straighten the roller and align with the bore of the mill to ensure that the roller smoothly enters the mill bore. The application of many of the above new technologies is that the vehicle design level of the prototype has been greatly improved, and its various performance indexes and technical parameters have reached the national standard level.
Rolling mill roll change car samples mainly include lifting platform device, roll connecting mechanism, driving device, feeding platform device, rotating device and braking mechanism.
1. Lifting platform device: used to lift or lower the platform along the Y-axis direction; the lifting platform device has two sets of support frames and one lifting cylinder; the support frames are respectively arranged on both sides of the frame, and have an intermediate hinged to X Two support rods are formed, one end of the support rod is hinged on the lower plane of the platform, and the other end is hinged on the frame; the lift cylinder is disposed on the frame, and the cylinder rod is connected to the support frame.
2. Roll connecting mechanism: comprising a base and a roll connecting head fixed on the base, wherein the base is controlled by the driving mechanism to be movable along the traveling track, and the roll connecting head is controlled by the rotating mechanism to drive the roll to rotate 360° around the roll axis;
3. Drive mechanism: the drive mechanism is a first hydraulic motor, which is connected to the base through a transmission mechanism;
4. Feeding platform device: for moving the platform in the Z-axis direction; the feeding platform device comprises a lateral moving cylinder and a rail slider pair, the cylinder of the lateral moving cylinder is fixed on the frame, and the cylinder rod of the lateral moving cylinder Connecting one end of the slider, the other end of the slider is connected to the platform through a connecting rod, and the guide rail is disposed on the frame
5. Rotating mechanism: There is a second hydraulic motor to drive the rotating disc. The rotating disc drives the roller to connect the head to rotate 360° around the axis of the roll to align it with the roll.


6. Product parameters are as follows:


product name

Rolling mill



Height increase




Self weight


Lifting speed


speed of decent


Driving speed


Left and right movement range


Hydraulic pump station motor


Traveling motor

60V 1.5KW

Extendable length





Safety guard
(1) Equipped with travel regulator: If it is necessary to stop during the walking process, first reset the pedal of the “walking regulator” to stop the walking motor, and then press the brake to stop.
(2) Equipped with lighting device: The device is equipped with DC 12V front and rear lighting, and the light can be seen in the pupil, which is very convenient to use.
(3) Phase loss protection and phase protection device: When the 380V power supply is turned on, the power indicator light is on. When the operation control button does not respond, it is in phase sequence and phase loss protection state. The phase sequence of the 380V power line should be used. Just tweak it.
Innovative key points of the equipment include:
(1) The rolling mill changer of the project has adopted modular design. Through system analysis, the functional components are optimized, the performance parameters are matched with the structure of the whole machine, the design is advanced, the structure is compact, and the work reliability is high.
(2) The product adopts electromechanical and liquid integration technology, designed the drive mechanism and lifting platform device, and adopts the low center of gravity chassis system, how to grab the safety and stability of the product.
(3) The rotating mechanism can drive the roll to rotate 360° around the axis of the roll, and can align the roll at any angle, which is convenient to use, simple to operate, and improves work efficiency.
(4) The whole machine is designed according to ergonomics requirements, with beautiful appearance, harmonious color and wide environmental adaptability.
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