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Jinan Huabei Lifting Platform Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national industry, which specialized in hydraulic lifting platform manufacturing. Located in Jinan city, the land of lifting platform manufacturing, the factory is inside of lifting platform industry zone, near by the No.220 national road, in Jiyang Prefecture.
Covers an area of 80 Mu, we are advanced in both technology and equipments. Scientific testing is also used during our production process.

Our products, the hydraulic lifting platforms with specification of serial SJPT and the aluminum lifting platforms with specification of serial HJPT, rank the top special equipments for high altitude operation in the world. With the introduction of hydraulic pump system technology from Italy and Germany, we test our products prudently with special testing equipment and keep the qualification of our products in strict according with the state standard. Our products are widely used in various occasions, such as industrial workshop maintenance, industrial installation, equipment testing, property management, storing, aviation, airport, port, depot, gas station, gymnasium, museum, exhibition building, etc.

Our “high ladder” products is certificated by the state issued qualifications as follow,
◆ The land of hydraulic lifting platform manufacturing in China
◆ Qualified by Special Equipment Manufacturing license of The People's Republic of China as the national largest tonnage lifting platform
◆ Qualified by Special equipment installation modification maintenance license of the People's Republic of China
◆ Certificated through the international qualification system No. ISO9001:2008, and European CE qualification system
◆ We are well-known trademark both home and all over the province
◆ The Chinese people's insurance company product liability insurance
◆ Obtained 11 national Inventive Patents Right issued by WJJH

We are known both home and abroad by high-quality guarantee. Scatter over the nation, our service network is already for all your needs in every minute. We make our best to ensure of the shortest time wasting and the least trouble for all the customers.
Jinan Northern China lifting platform manufacturing Co., LTD is committed to establish a corporate image, improve staff quality, as well as create first-class brand. Based on advanced management mode, we strictly insist in the principle of "I would rather make our own loss than keep my customers waiting".

We undertake all products sold year warranty and lifetime maintenance services (after one year collect and maintain costs). 
We warmly welcome new and old customers to visit us, your suggestions and advise are the most welcomed.